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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Remember the Alamo - Redux

Since 1995, according to reports from the Fox News Channel there have been 217 incursions of the Mexican Army into the United States. Now, let’s make this perfectly clear, this is documented incursions into the United States of America by foreign troops. These incursions have been monitored by the United States Border Patrol and have not been mere accidents of border crossings, or lost members of the Mexican Army, but actual military incursions into the US with a specific mission: To assist drug lords with logistical capabilities, intelligence gathering information, and to provide an intimidation factor into the mix in order to protect and further the smugglers capabilities. The intimidation factor, namely meaning feigning incursions, is to try and get US officials to repeal borders with force and cause an international incident by having a live fire incident, which the US Government does not want nor need geo-politically.

Now this is a topic I know very well. For twenty years as a law enforcement officer, mainly during my years as a KBI special agent, I was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and to the United States Customs Service (USCS). I have worked highly classified investigations, smuggling cases, and learned valuable counter-intelligence information, both of unclassified nature as well as classified in nature. Now I still feel bound not to divulge classified material, but I can share with you intelligence that has now been deemed unclassified in nature.

DEA, US Customs, state law enforcement agencies and local sheriffs’ officials along the US/Mexican border consider it common for the Mexican Military to provide assets and protection to smugglers crossing the border as well as providing protection to Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (MDTO’s). While serving as a task force agent with DEA and USCS, I was briefed and given intelligence information that the Mexican Military assisted MDTO’s with protection and assistance in intelligence gathering missions and border security operations.

In addition, it is also widely known and verified through cooperating informants in some of my investigations that one of the largest auto theft rings along the US/Mexican border is a group called the Mexican Federal Judicial Police, more commonly known as the MFJP. That’s one of the reasons that the city of El Paso,Texas has one of the largest auto-theft statistics in the United States. The MFJP is the national police force of the Mexican Government. The MFJP also provides assistance to MDTO’s and arrest smaller MDTO’s that are competing with the major MDTO’s. Naturally, the MFJP leadership is paid a fee for this service by the criminal organizations.

Moreover, while conducting research and writing my dissertation for my doctorate in criminal justice, I compiled de-classified information and documented training accounts that MDTO’s are involved in US border smuggling missions. This is also verified by information provided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

My dissertation entitled, “The Methamphetamine Epidemic in Kansas” provided significant intelligence that joint ventures are and have been occurring between MDTO’s and Middle Eastern Terrorists Organizations (METO’s). In fact, it is widely believed and documented that on Mexican soil these two groups are engaged in smuggling operations related to the manufacture and distribution of the synthetic drug, Methamphetamine. Specifically, METO’s provide the main precursor to Methamphetamine, Pseudo-ephedrine, to the MDTO’s.

This is not to imply that all illegal aliens are drug smugglers. It is intended to show that there is, in fact, an organized effort to penetrate our borders and conduct nefarious activities by criminal organizations and corrupt Mexican government officials. It is imperative that our elected leaders, as well as our citizens, understand the clear cause and effect between our border security and the impact that illegal immigration has on our nation. In a further report, the Kansas Federalist will go into some suggested “best practices” that could assist in illegal immigration mitigation.

- Currie Myers - The Kansas Federalist -

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

State Senate Bill 1613 - A Great Step for Limiting the Judiciary

Amendment to Defend OUR Constitution has been Introduced

Thanks to Kansas Senator's Hueslkamp, Barnett, Brownlee, Jordon, O'Connor, Wagle, and Wilson for continued support of efforts to defend the Constitutions of the state of Kansas and the United States of America!

Together theses Senator's introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1613!
This proposed constitutional amendment is founded upon a very simple principle – the people of Kansas should run their government, not a group of activist judges. The language is very clear – no judge, no court shall have the power to tax and spend your hard-earned money. Rather, only those elected by the citizens of Kansas – Your Legislature – shall make open, public decisions to take your money and spend it.

Across the nation, activist judges have been presiding over a massive power grab from American citizens for years. On issues ranging from abortion and euthanasia, to homosexual marriage and the death penalty, to prayer in school and eminent domain, judges are setting themselves up as the judge, jury and executioner of critical public policy issues. That leaves out the people of America, the citizens of Kansas – that excludes our entire republican system of governance.

Without ultimate power residing in the people, all that remains is a government controlled by the elite few. Let us hope and pray that our Constitutional Amendment can pass the Legislature and will be placed on the fall ballot for consideration by the people of Kansas.

What could be more American than giving you a chance to speak on this critical issue?!
For more information on the bill please visit the Kansas Legislature website and enter SB-1613.

- Currie Myers -

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kansas Federalist endorses plan for the State GOP

Republican strategist Kris Van Meteren recently sent out a proposed amendment to the Constitution of the Kansas Republican Party to be considered at the annual GOP Kansas Days Event on January 28th. The amendment is designed to enlarge the state committee substantially by allowing each Congressional District Committee to select 98 individuals to sit as members representing that district on the State Committee.

Currently, the party’s Constitution limits that number to 27. When the Chair and Vice Chair from each district are seated, that will allow for an even 100 members from each Congressional District. When the Executive Committee is added in, the State Committee will, at its largest, have 421 members.

As current Vice-Chair of the 3rd District I understand and realize the importance of this proposed amendment and it’s potential on Republican politics. Grass-roots involvement is a must for any organization to be successful. At the state committee level 27 people, many of whom are already elected public officials, have a difficult time addressing issues and problems that arise during the course of the year. The involvement of over 400 members will bode well in stimulating grass-roots Republican philosophy as well as engage a broader base of GOP strategists that can be better educated and involved in their respective districts. Just imagine 421 persons, fully engaged and developing a political power base for the good of the party.

Van Meteren goes on to explain why he thinks the proposed amendment is go important: “The amendment I am offering is rooted in my basic view of the Republican Party: that it is not a committee, a headquarters, a paid staff or officers. It was never intended to become, in my view, a country club for the well heeled and politically connected to the exclusion of average Republicans. It is more than a mere extension of its candidates’ campaigns. I believe that the 780,000 Kansas voters who have chosen to register under our party’s banner are the Kansas Republican Party and should play a larger role in determining its direction, objectives, and future.
In light of that, I believe that the State Committee should, from time to time, examine the structures of the party overall to see if those structures provide:

x the best opportunities for average Republicans voters to get involved in their party;
x the best opportunities for party leaders to remain in touch with the party’s voters; and
x the best opportunities for the party to serve its candidates and officials.”

Van Meteren goes on to explain, “It should be clear that I do not believe the current structure of the state committee is adequate to meet these objectives. I have been concerned for a long time that the current structure of the state committee lends itself to:

xbecoming a victim of ongoing turf wars between various interests within the party;
xeasily falling out of touch with the values and beliefs of the Republican voters of this state by not allowing for a larger cross-section of the party to be represented at its highest level;
xstifling the party’s ability to develop a “farm team” by failing to get grassroots Republicans involved who later go on to become candidates for offices at various levels.
xmissing tremendous opportunities to raise money and identify workers for our candidates, their campaigns, and the party itself.”

As usual, Van Meteren has conducted the research to back up his beliefs. He cited the following circumstances in other GOP state parties: “Over the past couple of weeks, I contacted most of the other state Republican parties across the country and have found that most have state committees that allow much greater representation of the Republican voters in their states. Committee sizes range from 92 in the District of Columbia (which has a mere 30,000 registered Republicans) to over 15,000 in Texas, which treats its annual meeting more like a national convention. As I studied each state, it became apparent that Kansas -- one of the reddest of the red states -- has a state committee that is disproportionately small compared to the number of registered Republicans in our state.”

Van Meteren gives four primary reasons for proposing to enlarge the State Committee:

1. To create greater opportunities for grassroots Kansas Republicans to become involved in determining the direction and objectives of their party. I believe that we are missing a great opportunity to tap into a vast reservoir of new ideas, good workers, and financial resources by not providing greater opportunities for average Republicans to participate in the highest levels of their party. If politics is truly the art of addition, not subtraction, we stand to gain tremendously by providing more opportunities for grassroots Republicans to take part in determining the direction, objectives, and priorities of the state party. We should be opening our doors to welcome more people in, not keeping our doors closed to limit their participation.

2. To allow the party to identify and develop a larger “farm team” of political activists and future candidates. The party structure is a great incubator for future candidates and party leaders. If we keep the incubator small, we shouldn't be surprised if the number of leaders we produce is also small. Most people aren't born with leadership and political skills. They gain those abilities by getting involved and being given an opportunity to participate in the process. We short-circuit our party’s future by keeping the club small and restricting development of new leaders.

3. To enhance the party’s ability to use its conventions as opportunities to raise financial support and identify volunteers for its candidates and party projects. The party's candidates and finances would benefit tremendously if more people were showing up at State Committee meetings, attending receptions, volunteering to help candidates, and giving money. In business, increasing the size of your market increases your potential return. By the same token, having more people participate at the party’s highest level creates a greater opportunity for the party and its candidates to build their financial resources and networks of supporters.

4. To allow a greater cross section of the party to be represented at its highest level and, thus, allow party leaders to remain in closer touch with the Republican electorate. My proposal is not intended to favor, give an advantage to, or benefit one side of the party or another. Neither is it intended to harm any faction, group, or segment of the party. It is neutral in that respect. The primary beneficiaries of this proposal will be the Republican voters (who will have a greater opportunity to sit on the party’s top committee) and the state party itself (which will benefit by being able to turn its meetings into money-making, volunteer-recruiting opportunities).

Van Meteren even addresses some concerns that a few have on his idea. He provides that response in his letter as well:

“Some of my fellow conservatives are concerned that if the committee is enlarged, more moderate or liberal Republicans might win seats. That is possible. But having spent several years working with grassroots Republicans, I firmly believe that most hold traditional, conservative values. More often then not Kansas Republicans favor conservative Republicans or candidates who portray themselves as conservative Republicans. Because of that, I am unafraid of enlarging the state committee and am confident that it will continue to have a traditional, conservative majority -- reflective of the Republican electorate it is there to serve. Others have expressed concern that adding seats may increase the possibility that a crackpot or two might make it onto the state committee. That too is a possibility. We've certainly had them on the state committee in the past and some might say there are one or two on the state committee now (after all, whether one is a crackpot is largely in the eye of the beholder). I believe it would be a mistake to allow policy for an organization as large and complex as the Kansas Republican Party to be determined based on personalities floating around the fringes today or out of fear that one or two of those individuals might win a seat on the state committee. The larger objective is what we're after here -- to grow this party. The bigger it gets, the more prosperous and successful it will become and the less impact crackpots will have on the party itself.”

“Still others say the party would have trouble filling 400 spots on the state committee plus alternate positions. I would encourage those with that concern to begin thinking outside the box. There are hundreds of thousands of registered Republicans in each district, hundreds of local and district party workers, and scores of Republican elected officials. I believe that if we are willing to look outside of our usual circles of familiarity, we will find many Republicans who would jump at the chance to get involved in their party at this level. I am convinced that many Republicans don’t participate because they have never been asked or given the opportunity. Let’s give them that opportunity!”

“Finally, some have expressed concern that enlarging the state committee will make organizing and hosting party events more complicated and difficult. While it may be true that there are a limited number of facilities capable of hosting several hundred people in this state, as a former promoter of Kansas’ tourism and convention facilities, I know that venues exist in each district of this state that are more than capable of handling a crowd of the size we should expect at state committee meetings should this amendment pass. And what a great problem to have. Growth surely brings challenges but such challenges are not insurmountable and should be welcomed, not avoided. Having a crowd at a political event is like having a crowd at church -- it’s a great thing!”

TFK appreciates the leadership taken by Mr. Van Meteren and hopes many others whom have the power to vote at Kansas Days vote to allow this proposed change to the GOP! The only thing that I could add to the proposal would be to hold a quarterly meeting in order to keep the committee on target and involved and to use the GOP website as a system of better communication, coordination and education as opposed to just an information website.
– Currie Myers –

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Contract with Kansas - 2006 Legislative Agenda

Ever willing to place conservative principles over politics, the Kansas Federalist would like to set the agenda for the 2006 Legislative Session. With so many great and important issues to debate and discuss, why are fellow GOP colleagues unwilling to take the lead this session and lay it out on the line. We are watching and looking forward to a strict constructionism session!

Word of Advice – In the art of war, one should take the offensive if the enemy is logistically inferior in practice and in numbers. We have the “high-ground” in terms of great issues, let’s show some leadership and bring back the Republican machine of Newt’s 1994 Contract with America. We shall call it the “Contract with Kansas”.

Educational Issues
Independent Audits of School Districts
Consolidation of School Districts (Economies of Scale)
Property Rights
Eminent Domain Protection
Curbing Reappraisal Assessment Increases
Judiciary Issues
Curb and Limit Judicial Activism
Strict Constructionism and Rule of the Law
Tort Reform
Immigration Issues
Efficient Legal Immigration Opportunities
Enforcement of Illegal Immigration Laws
English as Primary Language
Government Issues
Limited Government Issues
Narrow Focus on Governments Roles
Bureaucratic Expansion Watchdog
Reduce Government Regulation
Tax Issues
Repeal of Destination Sales Tax
Watchdog for Increasing Taxes at the Local Level
Support of TABOR
Reducing Property Taxes
Tax Breaks for Business and Entrepreneurism
Family Issues
Promotion of Faith-Based Social Initiatives
Respect and Dignity for Life
Crime Issues
Enforcement of Sexual Predator Laws
Funding for Jail/Prison Capital Projects, including private detention services.
Increase Funding for KBI Crime Laboratory
Passage of Concealed-Carry Law and Override of Governors Veto

It’s an exciting time to be involved in politics and political discourse. We see these issues as a bright light to carry us into the future. A future in which Kansan’s can fulfill their dreams, educate their children and be free. Conservatism is the best way to govern and be governed.

-Currie Myers-

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Johnson Countians of the Year

Johnson Countians of the Year: Kansas Federalist or Sun Version?

An all-new low in journalistic integrity was established in the latest issue of the Johnson County Sun newspaper, dated December 29, 2005. The title of the newspaper bi-line is entitled, “Introducing the Sun’s Johnson Countian of the Year.”

The term “Johnson Countian of the Year” would predispose the reader to believe that someone receives this honor for having a significant impact on the Johnson County community. There have been in the past people chosen who have rightly deserved such embrace such as William Dunn, Sr., of Dunn Construction Company. After all, Dunn is a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist and community leader.

This year, the Sun nominated two murderers for the honor of Johnson Countian of the Year. The Kansas Federalist refuses to acknowledge the two murderers names as we wish not to promulgate their names and their stories any further, but we are amazed, bewildered, and repulsed by such recognition.

Johnson County has so much to be thankful for and so many people contribute to that success on a daily basis. Of all the nominees none, we repeat none, were entrepreneurs, business leaders or have lead us into battle on issues or put their lives on the line for the protection of us all. Therefore, the Kansas Federalist wishes to provide our readers with the following nominees for 2005 Johnson Countian of the Year:

Bernie Zarda – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist - Started a highly successful bottled water company and is the owner of a large private faith-based jail called ICC. He also sets on many boards and charitable organizations such as Maranatha Academy.

Scott Shane – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Started a highly successful manufacturing company called Mid America Fittings. Shane a Marine, gives away his time, talent, and treasure to many worthy causes including Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Don Kincaid – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Started a highly successful school bus company as well as many other spin-off companies that have been developed such as Kincaid Concrete and Kincaid Bus Lines. Provides great time, talent, and treasure to many charitable organizations and parochial schools.

General (Ret) Richard Myers – Soldier – Recently retired Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff. Lead the United States Military as our senior commanding officer through 911 and the Iraq War. Appointed by President George W. Bush.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann – Religious Leader – As the Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, he has been instrumental in carrying out Church Doctrine and holding Catholics accountable for their actions and stances on such worth issues as Marriage, Abortion, and Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

Dick Bott – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Started a Christian Radio Broadcasting Company that offers an alternative view to today’s liberal media.

Mike Brown – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Operates Brown Midwest, a successful home building company. In addition, Mike sets on numerous boards of charitable organizations and is a leader in the Home Builders Association.

Ernie Straub III – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist - Operates Straub Construction, a successful general contracting Construction Company. Ernie provides significant time, talent and treasure to such meaningful groups as the Vitae Society.

Wayne Godsey – Television General Manager – As GM of Channel 9, the Kansas City local ABC affiliate, he has provided the public with excellent views and ideas with his commentaries after the 10 O’clock news. Also very involved with numerous philanthropic events and charities.

Bill High – Lawyer and Non-Profit Leader – Left successful law practice to start the Christian Servant Community, a non-profit group that assist philanthropists with ideas and input on where to share their wealth. Provides leadership and ministry to men on bible study issues and topics.

Bob Hodgdon – Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – Leader of Hodgdon Powder Company, a highly successful explosives manufacturer. Provides time, talent, and treasurer to many charitable organizations and groups.

Dr. Jerry Johnston – Religious Leader – Leader of First Family Church in southern Overland Park and has built a highly successful religious community that includes televised worship services. Quickly becoming a national figure on social issues, Dr. Johnston was instrumental in the passing of the marriage act in 2005.

Mike McGovern – Entrepreneur and Activist – Started Rycam Inc and sets on the board of directors for Catholic Charities as well as is the leader of the Culture of Life League (CLL), a Catholic pro-life organization.

Hogan Miller – High School Student and Activist – Miller, a senior at Blue Valley West, started a few years ago, on his own, a local high school Republican Group in hopes to better explain to students Republican theory and beliefs. The National Republican Party recognized the group in 2005 as the best Republican Student Group in the Country.

Col (Ret) Walt Way – Police Officer - Retired from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office after 32 years of dedicated service to the community. Way was instrumental in the bridging of police technology into current practices and use and was considered a leader in 911 technology at the national level. A brilliant budgeter as well, Way grafted the Sheriff’s Office budget for many years and was praised by Johnson County Commissioners for his insight and fiscal soundness.

Sen. Dennis Wilson – Entrepreneur, Public Servant and Statesman – Wilson has started many companies on his own including car dealerships and a battery supply company. Was the brilliant County Treasurer for Johnson County (the last elected treasurer) and actively went after scofflaws and deadbeats. Known for his candor, Wilson has shown great statesmanship as a senator.

Marine Recruit Joshua Lambert – Soldier – Lambert after graduating from Maranatha Academy had the skills and abilities to go to any college. Fit, handsome, polite and respectful, instead Lambert chose to become a US Marine and serve his country. He will graduate from basic training in January 06.

As you can see this is only a small piece of the potential Johnson Countians that could have been nominated. Perhaps in the future, the Sun will choose to go back to acknowledging Business Leaders (people who bring work, productivity, the American Dream), Community Leaders, Philanthropists, and Public Servants instead of murderers.

We shall let the public decide on which list is more acceptable. The Kansas Federalist or the Sun.

-Currie Myers-