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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Week o August 27th, 2006 - Placing Conservative Views in the Headlinesf

News from the Kansas Federalist

National Headlines

The World's New Fascism
Islamic Fascists?
Today’s Islamic fascists share with their Nazi counterparts violence and intimidation as their tactics. And now, as in World War II, free people of all faiths must oppose them. But wisdom begins with a willingness to learn from history and call things by their proper name.

Buchanan: Mexico plots reconquest
In 'State of Emergency,' commentator says today's kids will see death of West
Paints a dim portrait of America's future: "The children born in 2006 will witness in their lifetimes the death of the West."

Record Meth Bust Contributed to Mexican Drug Smuggling
Feds Unearth 'Record-Breaking' Meth Seizure in Georgia Backyard...
Federal officials say the Buford operation appears to be part of a major drug ring that imports and distributes large quantities of meth and cocaine from Mexico by moving it through California and Texas to points throughout the U.S.

Charitable Contribution: A Gift that Truly Keeps on Giving!
The National Sexual Predator Information Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the enforcement of absconders from sexual predator registries across the US. Please consider a gift to this great non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. For further information call 1-866-755-1133 or visit the NSPIC website at

Why the Left is Wrong on Crime
The Left and crime: Part II
Do higher rates of imprisonment reduce crime? Is crime a result of poverty, unemployment, and the like? Are alternatives to incarceration more effective in preventing criminals from repeating their crimes? Millions of crime victims pay the price of the left's illusions about crime -- and about themselves.

Teenager held in Dungeon for 8 years as sex slave
The Daily Mail
Victim was ten when she was kidnapped on her way to school and was imprisoned in a tiny pit dug into the floor of her captor’s garage.

Abortion drug available without prescription
Battle shifts to making abortion drug available to teens without prescription
The maker of the morning after pill, along with women's groups and lawmakers, plans to press its success a step further, seeking to make the controversial abortion drug available without prescription to girls 17 and under.

The Split in the Democratic Party
Democrat Lieberman
Pressure is mounting within the Senate Democratic caucus to strip Sen. Joseph Lieberman of senior committee positions if he defeats Democratic nominee Ned Lamont in Connecticut, but Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is expected to beat that back.

Local/Regional Headlines

Sebelius Running Mate Courts the AFL/CIO
Sebelius running mate asks organized labor to support him
Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' running mate, former Republican Mark Parkinson, asked Kansas AFL-CIO members Friday to give him a chance to prove he's a friend of organized labor, saying he didn't vote right on some labor issues as a legislator.

Naked man exposes himself to children on bus
Naked driver pulls alongside school bus
A man wearing no clothes driving a shiny red Nissan Pathfinder has pulled alongside the same school bus and masturbated while the vehicles were traveling along 75th Street between Delmar Street and Mission Road. Police are investigating reports of possibly a third incident at another location.

Group Turns Records Over to Kansas Attorney General
Kansas schools group releases financial records
Facing one lawsuit and the possibility of another, a group that successfully sued the state to force massive funding increases for public schools made its financial records public Thursday. Schools for Fair Funding Inc., a nonprofit group financed by 19 school districts, spent more than $2.9 million since 1998, the records showed, and more than three-quarters of it went to law firms.

Tax Decrease Planned for Overland Park!
Overland Park OKs budget for 2007
South Overland Park street projects, new public safety employees and a tax decrease are among features of Overland Park’s 2007 budget, approved Monday by the City Council. Kudos to Mayor Carl Gerlach and the OP City Council for representing the people so well!

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Reprimanded over School Finance Issue
Nuss Reprimanded
The KS Comm. on Judicial Qualifications has reprimanded Supreme Court Justice Lawton Nuss for violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Commission found that Nuss violated Canon 1, Canon 2A and Canon 3B(7) when he discussed the school finance case with two State Senators.

Fairway Public Officials Continue to Misrepresent their Constituents
Fairway mayor being disingenuous letter to the editor letter
I am truly at a lost of words regarding the City of Fairway and the total lack of respect their elected officials have for their citizens.

New County Librarian could make nearly $150,000 annually
Board continues librarian search
The Johnson County Library Board last week approved a salary range up to $149,000, a job description and qualifications for the new county librarian to be selected in November. Wow, folk’s life is good at the Johnson County Library!

City Restricts Constitutional Right
Roeland Park toughens restrictions on firearmsRoeland Park passed an ordinance prohibiting firearms, concealed or not, on city property. Police Chief said state legislation led the council to take action.

Gated church compound site of ritualistic sex abuse
Quiet Ozarks county shocked by church sex abuse case
The church's pastor, his wife and her two brothers, who also own the farm, posted bond Monday after county prosecutors filed felony complaints alleging they sexually abused young daughters of church members from 1977 to 2005

Commentary of the Week
By Currie Myers, Publisher

A few moths ago I wrote an editorial called, “Two Mayors and a Bio-Ethical Dilemma”. The link here provides the editorial in full text (Two Mayors and a Bio-Ethical Dilemma) but the crux of the piece discussed the Johnson County BioScience Coalition (JCBC) and the potential that the Stowers Institute could be attempting to bring questionable bioscience activities to Kansas. Those questionable activities could be embryonic stem cell research, SCNT, or cloning. One of the questions I asked in my editorial was if the Co-Chairs of the JCBC have any personal or professional relationship with the Stowers Institute. In further research, the Kansas Federalist has, in fact, found a potential conflict with one of the co-chairs of the JCBC, that being Mayor John St. Clair of Fairway.

Mayor St. Clair formerly represented American Century Investments as a project director and consultant. American Century’s Founder is Jim Stowers, founder of the Stowers Institute. The information is confirmed and verified on the City of Fairway website under the Mayor’s personal information page at

My sincere hope is that Kansas does become a bioscience leader in the United States. There are so many interesting and valuable projects that bioscience research could bring to the world. And Kansas could be that leader. But we must ensure that the mission of that industry does not bring us into conflict with our moral obligations and the bio-ethical dilemmas that occur in our brave new world.

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