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Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006 - Placing Conservative View in the Headlines

News from the Kansas Federalist

National Headlines

French paper reports bin Laden dead
Unnamed Saudi police sources attribute demise to typhoid fever
Osama bin Laden died within days of contracting typhoid fever in Pakistan last month, according to unnamed Saudi police sources quoted today in the French daily L'Est Republicain.

Young Mother’s baby cut from womb her three other children kidnapped
Woman's fetus apparently cut from womb
The body of a woman who apparently had a fetus cut from her womb was found in a vacant lot, and police said Friday they were searching for her three young children.

Chief: Cop killed because border not defended
But defends policy of not enforcing immigration laws after illegal kills officer
"If the government would fulfill their responsibility of protecting the border, we probably would not be standing here today, said Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt. In addition former judge and current US Congressman Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, said the shooting highlighted the need to tighten the borders and beef up enforcement of immigration laws.

'Green flag of Allah will fly over Vatican’
Sheik rejects pope's gestures to Muslims, calls for holy war against 'this little racist'
Islamic Fascist leader says that Christian leaders such as Benedict are "afraid" because they realize Islam is Allah's favorite religion and they are going to hell unless they convert. The Gaza preacher declared the "green flag of Muhammad" would soon be raised over the Vatican.

VeggieTales too Christian for NBC
Network demands edits, creator says it fears kids hearing 'God loves you'
The wildly popular VeggieTales kids videos about vegetables who talk and sing and act out Bible stories are being edited….

Diary shows pope's opposition to Hitler
Pius XI: 'I won't be afraid. I prefer to beg for alms' than to give in to fascists
A 1938 diary written near the end of Pope Pius XI's papacy confirms his opposition to fascism was hardening as the outbreak of World War II grew closer, a historian said Tuesday after examining documents in the Vatican's just-opened secret archives. The diary quoted Pius as saying, "'I won't be afraid. I prefer to beg for alms'" than to give into pressures from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's fascist regime, said French historian Philippe Chenaux.

Pledge to Mexican flag featured at Texas school
Principal says he was pursuing 'diversity,' but wouldn't do it again
The principal of an elementary school instructed his students to stand during the recitation of a pledge to the Mexican flag during a diversity assembly recently, and he's been trying to backtrack ever since.

80,000 violent felons run free on U.S. streets
Congressman says U.S. must turn back effort to weaken law enforcement
The 277-140 vote, according to plan sponsor U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., affirmed the authority of state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws while in the course of their regular duties such as traffic stops and drug arrests.

11 years late, Illinois addresses abortion
Pro-life groups say new rules will allow enforcement of parental notification
The Illinois Supreme Court has announced it has agreed – after 11 years of delays – to develop rules for parental notification of abortions on girls under the age of 18, and pro-life groups say that may "rescue Illinois from its notorious position as the abortion dumping ground of the Midwest."

US Marines deal big blow to Insurgents
‘America’s Battalion’ makes big catch
SAQLAWIYAH, Iraq (Sept. 16, 2006) -- Marines from 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment dealt the insurgency a heavy blow in their area of operations

Army recruiting ahead of schedule
Army At War Fills Its RanksThe active Army met its annual recruiting goal ahead of schedule. “We are at war and this sends a signal to our friends that the Army will continue to honor our commitments at home and abroad,” said Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey. “It also sends a signal to our enemies and those who oppose freedom, democracy and equal rights."

Local/Regional Headlines

$400,000 Bill into JCCC for Misconduct Investigation
Report on Johnson County college investigation released
A report on an independent investigation at Johnson County Community College recounts a female worker's allegations that the former president sexually harassed her but does not draw any conclusions about what happened. Kansas City lawyer Betsy Badger conducted an independent investigation and her law firm billed the college $377,390 through Sept. 3 for the work. (Editor’s note – Nearly $400,00 bill to investigate and not draw any conclusions, incredible)

Investigation into hazardous materials trucking company identified
Indictments in alleged trucking scheme
The operators of truck driving schools in Kansas City and southern Missouri conspired to help more than 70 Somali and Bosnian immigrants illegally obtain commercial driver’s licenses, federal prosecutors alleged Thursday. Those key defendants included Ernest A. “Mustafa” White, 49, of Kansas City, who owned the Muslim Brothers and Sisters trucking company in the Kansas City area. (Editor’s note – I get very concerned when I see the words Muslim, Mustafa, Somalia, Bosnia, illegal, trucking, and hazardous materials all in the same report.)

WWI Memorial obtains landmark status
Liberty Memorial gains landmark status
Designation as a landmark will offer no further legal protections for the memorial, which already is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. But landmark status affirms the memorial’s importance to the nation. (Editor’s note – I like to see very narrow interpretations of landmark status for buildings and grounds, but I believe monuments such as war memorials is an absolute must. Kansas City should be proud of having such an important landmark, especially dedicated to WWI. Go see the memorial and museum when it opens and remember the sacrifices made by those brave soldiers and our citizens during that time of significant trouble.)

Invitation to Attend Charity Event on October 12th at the Ritz Charles
The National Sexual Predator Information Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the enforcement of absconders from sexual predator registries across the US. The Oct. 12th Banquet features speakers Beth Holloway Twitty (mother of Natalie Holloway) and Rick Segall of America’s Most Wanted. Seat and table sponsorships available. Call now for a table sponsorship or individuals tickets. All donations are tax deductible. For further information call 1-866-755-1133 or visit the NSPIC website at

Rose’s remarks deplorable
Pres. Ahmadinejad, meet Sen. O'Connor
Rose editorial states that there is no difference between Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and recently retired Kansas State Sen. Kay O'Connor. (Editor’s note – There is a reason why the Sun is a failing business. It’s because their front man. Steve Rose, deserves no respect. Rose should publicly apologize to Sen. O’Connor for his deplorable comments. For the record, Kay O’Connor is a warm, respectful, trustworthy, and honorable person who informed the public of her beliefs and how government should play a role in those beliefs. That’s why we elect people to office. Rose’s comments not only are offensive to another American citizen but also are offensive to the very constituency that elected her. Believe it or not, Steve, some people just like open and honest elected officials in office.)

Free condoms to be distributed in University of Missouri’s dorms
University to distribute free condoms in campus bathrooms
The University of Missouri-Columbia, will soon be the first in the Big 12 Conference to distribute free condoms in residential hall bathrooms, school officials said Friday.

Hefty Pay Increase to University President’s Across the Board
Kansas regents raise pay for officials
The Kansas Board of Regents on Thursday gave hefty pay increases to the presidents of the state’s three regional institutions and moderate raises to leaders at its three research universities. University of Kansas Chancellor Robert Hemenway will be paid $319,280; Kansas State University President Jon Wefald will be paid $296,400 and Wichita State University President Donald Beggs will get $260,000.

Sebelius Immigration Woes
Barnett Up And Running
Kathleen Sebelius has supported gateway documents like drivers licenses to illegal aliens, supported reduced tuition for illegal aliens and was initially opposed to putting national guard troops on the Southern border.

News-Line Commentary

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