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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6, 2006 - Placing Conservative Views in the Headlines

News from the Kansas Federalist

National Headlines

Al-Qaida's list of favorite, least favorite Westerners
Latest warning video from terror group names enemies, friends in U.S., Britain
In the latest video from al-Qaida warning of an imminent terrorist attack on the U.S., five specific "Zionist crusader missionaries of hate" are named, while three Westerners, including one American, are actually praised for their efforts toward "peace."

Child Porn Suspect Gets Sentenced
Man sentenced to nearly 20 years for child porn
Steve Perrine will spend about one year in prison for every 800 images of child pornography he had. That's 19 ½ years for some 16,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sex, stored on five hard drives connected to Perrine's home computer -- the biggest such collection ever uncovered in Wichita.

Charitable Contribution: A Gift that Truly Keeps on Giving!
The National Sexual Predator Information Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the enforcement of absconders from sexual predator registries across the US. Please consider a gift to this great non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. For further information call 1-866-755-1133 or visit the NSPIC website at

Grave Robbers wanted to sodomize corpse of popular girl
Cops say grave robbers had sex on their minds...
The woman was "very well-liked, very popular" in Cassville, a Mississippi River town of about 1,100. "The community is very upset," the sheriff said. "They can't believe it."

Contract with America - 2006: The Gingrich Plan
Gingrich: 11 Steps for GOP Victory in November...
House and Senate Republicans can learn from history. They can listen to the American people and return to the center-right populist majority which President Reagan and the Contract with America gave them. The choice is theirs -- and ours. Kudos to Newt for his leadership in trying to set another contract with America!

Crocodile Hunter was a Success
DEATH BY ANIMAL: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed in stingray attack...
I was a big fan of Steve’s. One of the main reasons that I was such a huge fan was that he was an entrepreneur and businessman that developed his love and passion into a profitable and successful business. Our prayers are for his wife and two children.

Michigan Sheriff ready to take on Democrat US Senator
Secure Our Future :: Bouchard Republican for Senate
I had the opportunity as a major county sheriff myself to work with Sheriff Bouchard on many occasions. During our discussions, Mike helped me understand the importance of being a strong leader as the sheriff of a large, populated county. Mike is a strong Federalist-type sheriff and is staring to scare his democratic opponent and one of the current US Senator’s in Michigan. Please check out Mike’s website. Mike and Sheriff Joe Arapao of Maricopa County, Arizona were two sheriffs that I tried to emulate while I was sheriff here in Johnson County. Good luck Mike and God bless! Here is Sheriff Bouchard’s sheriff’s office website as well. Oakland County Sheriffs Department

Britain discovers secret army of well-trained Jihadi terrorists
Intelligence services, police stunned by sweep of schools, mosques in wake of foiled bomb plot
No matter how you slice it, London is daily looking more like "Londonistan." Or perhaps more precisely, as Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad puts it, Britain has become al-Qaida's European headquarters "housing a secret army of thousands of well-trained guerrilla fighters ready to kill in the name of religion." Pay attention America! Don’t let this happen to you!

Romney cuts security for Iranian's visit
Massachusetts governor calls former president 'terrorist'
Governor Mitt Romney declared yesterday he would not allow any state resources to be used to protect a former Iranian president during his visit to the Boston area this weekend, and he sharply criticized Harvard University for inviting Mohammed Khatami to speak on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

NBC’s David Gregory at it again!
A not especially eventful press briefing at the White House today turned rancorous with NBC's David Gregory telling Press Secretary Tony Snow, "Don't point your finger at me," and Snow accusing the newsman of being "rude" and delivering Democratic talking points. To be honest with you Bush should just end the press conference with the liberal media and co direct with the public. The technology exists now to do so!

Faces on the Front
Care packages to Iraq put smiles on Marines’ faces
As the Marines begin the last leg of their deployment, they have a simple message for all those who have supported them with care packages, letters and other correspondence –“thank you.”

Tax cuts are a winner, and the jobs picture proves it
The Dems Never Learn
Tax cuts are a winner. They throw off benefits across the board: capital formation, profitable business, job gains, wage increases, and consumer spending power. I wish more local government leaders would understand economics in a capitalistic democracy.

Schwarzenegger vetoes anti-gay bill
Schwarzenegger vetoes bill to ban anti-gay bias in schools
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vetoed legislation that would have barred discrimination against gays in public schools

Court decision could open the door to radical tax reform
What Can the Government
Tax experts immediately recognized the far-reaching implications of this decision for other areas of tax law. Tax protesters have long argued that the 16th Amendment does not grant the federal government the power to tax every single receipt that it deems to be income. Yet, in practice, that is what the Internal Revenue Service does.

Real GDP growth up
Economy bad? Sorry, numbers don't add up Last week's report from the Commerce Department that the economy grew by a nearly 3 percent annualized rate (2.9 percent) in the second quarter -- a significant improvement over its earlier 2.5 estimate. That is a very strong growth rate by any criteria, stronger than other industrialized economies and signals the economy is headed for a "soft landing" from its torrid and unsustainable first-quarter pace of 5.6 percent.

Local/Regional Headlines

Barnett wants Tax Cuts
Barnett calls for break in unemployment taxes to boost economy -
Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Barnett is calling for a temporary halt to the collection of unemployment taxes paid by employers in Kansas. In addition Barnett has proposed giving tax credits to businesses investing in Kansas to create more private-sector jobs, as well as reducing the state income tax rate and increasing the dependent exemption by $500 to help families.

Kline receives Endorsement from Kansas Troopers
Troopers Endorse Kline
Kline has also been endorsed by 89 of Kansas 104 Sheriffs. The Sheriff's and Trooper's support of Kline could have lot to do with Morrison's support of a law that reduced the sentence for conspiring to kill a cop and attempted premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer by 20%.

Lack of rain, Corps of Engineers figure in problem on Perry Lake and others in Kansas
Lake levels frustrate boaters
Ok folks lets have a quick lesson on why the federal lakes were developed here along the Kansas and Missouri rivers to begin with, shall we? The 1951 flood caused severe economic devastation to the Midwest. In order to prevent a repeat of the flood and in order to mitigate the possibility of swollen tributaries into the Kansas River, the US Army, Corps of Engineers developed and built a series of lakes along the Kansas River, one of those lakes, being Lake Perry. The whole purpose of these federal, flood control lakes was to prevent future flooding. The secondary purpose of the lakes was to provide waters in order to help keep the Kansas River navigable, at least to some extent. Recreation was a tertiary purpose. Please try and remember why we pay our tax dollars!

Jail Official Held on Sex with Inmates Case
Crime & Courts Briefs: Charges filed in Butler County jail sex scandalA Butler County sheriff's official was ordered held on $500,000 bond Wednesday after being charged with two felony counts of having unlawful sexual relations with jail inmates.

Sebelius Makes Another Appointment to the Court
Governor appoints Lynch to court vacancy
Lynch, a principal at the Kansas City, Kan., law firm of Higgins, Lysaught, Tomasic & Lynch, has only 14 years of legal experience and just graduated from law school in 1992. She has been with her current firm since 1998. Before that, she was an associate with the Kansas City, Kan., law firm of Horner & Duckers.

Commentary of the Week
By Samuel Adams

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!"

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